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Romanian Open Internet Exchange

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Tech Phone: Unkown
Policy Email: [email protected]
Policy Phone: Unkown

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Romanian Open Internet Exchange







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[email protected]

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[email protected]

ROPN-IX Members

Country ASN Description Port Speed
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS34692 Cojan Holdings LTD 1 Gbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS3280 LayerBridge SRL 100 Gbps
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS209870 Optix Transit Ltd 100 Mbps
Sweden (SE) Flag AS209334 NICKLAS ADEN 100 Mbps
Italy (IT) Flag AS208753 NETSIX IT 100 Mbps
Switzerland (CH) Flag AS34927 iFog GmbH 100 Mbps
China (CN) Flag AS139589 GTDev Network 100 Mbps
Egypt (EG) Flag AS207740 Youssef Hamed 100 Mbps
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS207427 - Cheap VPS hosting 100 Mbps
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS59813 Delight Networks Europe 100 Mbps
Norway (NO) Flag AS49271 Jan Astrup 100 Mbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS60113 Romanian Open Internet Exchange - Route Servers 10 Gbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS60113 Romanian Open Internet Exchange - Route Servers 10 Gbps
Germany (DE) Flag AS212895 Johannes Ernst 1 Gbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS51992 B3 TECHNOLOGY S.R.L. 1 Gbps
Luxembourg (LU) Flag AS212568 + CO.RU.NET - IPv6 LUX NETWORK X1 100 Mbps
Italy (IT) Flag AS212508 Lowhosting services of Davide Gennari 0 Mbps
Netherlands (NL) Flag AS213282 Cheap dedicated servers located in the Netherlands 100 Mbps
Nepal (NP) Flag AS212268 Nobins Pvt Ltd 100 Mbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS56555 Global Route Collector Project 10 Gbps
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS211819 FxTransit LTD 100 Mbps
Netherlands (NL) Flag AS38230 Navice Consulting 100 Mbps
United Kingdom (GB) Flag AS211248 Marcel Koeppel 100 Mbps
Hong Kong (HK) Flag AS147028 Wang Yongjin 100 Mbps
Romania (RO) Flag AS51072 Avertue International SRL 10 Gbps