What is BGP?

Border Gateway Protocol, aka BGP, is an Internet protocol that’s commonly used globally to exchange routing information between the routers that make the Internet work. AS (Autonomous System) are those BGP protocol speaking devices that exchange routes and tell in which way traffic should be redirected to reach any network.

What is BGPView?

BGPView is a web-based project that provides both, a web-browsing tool and an API that lets you gather information about the current state and structure of the internet, including ASNs, IP addresses, IXs, BGP Downstream & Upstream Peers, and much more.

Is this BGP toolkit free?

Yes, the BGP toolkit offered here is completely free, along with our powerful API that allows you to integrate BGP Looking Glass capabilities within your own applications.

Do you offer a World-wide BGP Map?

Yes, we've built a full BGP map of browsable country IP allocations. The data includes allocated ASNs, IPv4, IPV6 addresses, and BGP prefix list.

What is a BGP lookup?

BGP lookup allows you to get most critical details about Internet routing information: ASN, Prefixes, Peers, IPV4, IPV6 upstreams and downstreams, locations, and much more.

What's an ASN (Autonomous System Number)?

ASN, is a unique globally used identifier that’s assigned by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) to each region’s RIR (Routing Internet Registry) where users and companies can register their own. This AS enables organizations to announce routing information with remote networks and systems.

What's a BGP Prefix?

A BGP prefix is an IPv4 or IPv6 address block announced as part of the BGP protocol. It also serves as a routing path for the AS numbers. Because of this BGP prefix list can be defined as a large number of networks announced by the BGP routing protocol.

What's BGP Peering?

BGP Peering is the exchange of routing data over a peer to peer BGP session using the TCP protocol. A Peering DB or Peering database is a list of peers that are connected to each other in order to exchange network information between different nodes around the globe, including network prefixes and their interconnection information.

What’s a BGP Looking Glass server?

A BGP Looking Glass server acquires a network’s source routing information, and allows you to have an insider’s view of the current state of the Internet by checking different objects such as BGP prefixes, ASNs, BGP announcements between others. All of this information is often used by network engineers and system admins .

What's an Internet exchange point (IXP)?

An Internet exchange point (IX or IXP) is a physical location where the Internet service provider and datacenter interchange traffic between their remote networks.